Anime & Comic Conventions

I started attending Anime and Comic Conventions in 2013, a year after I began selling papercuts online. My first few set ups were pretty rough, as they usually are, but they’ve evolved to fit my needs really well. My convention line up for 2015 has two more cons in October before the holiday season hits, and I will be debuting a new set up that will allow for faster solitary events.

2013 Izumicon

November 2013

Izumicon was my very first convention ever! I prepared for months ahead of time, and still made all the usual mistakes. Since I was brand new, and no one had ever seen me or my papercuts before, most people assumed they were very overpriced prints. The first day, I had my gridwall behind me, and it was hard for people to see what they were. The next day, we spun the table to the side and extended the gridwall so that people would be able to walk up and examine my work closely. I also had things to work on while I was at my table, which helped explain to people what I offered. Izumicon remains my favorite convention of each convention season!